International law

We provide legal advice and represent our clients out of court in Denmark and in litigation.

We provide assertion of monetary claims and deal with solving international legal problems and devote ourselves, for example, to cross-border contracts and processes in which, due to the foreign nationality of one or more participants, foreign law must also be taken into account in addition to domestic law.

When solving international cases, two complex issues must be examined from a legal point of view: First, it must be determined which of the legal systems under consideration is to be applied to a situation that relates to more than one state.

If the examination reveals that the legal system of a foreign state is relevant, the matter must then be assessed under foreign law or due consideration must be given to the matter.

International law can also be applied, for example, to the assertion of monetary claims, damages, compensation for pain and suffering or other claims with a foreign connection.

Under Legal tips & News you will find several articles on transport law written by lawyer Anders Stig Vestergaard.


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